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  • D:1st spine very long, 1 ray
    pink to orange
    opercular spine conical, sharp
    opercular spine - conical
    A - row black blotches
    LL 36-38
    nape & pectoral base scaled
  • elongate, very compressed
    snout long, pointed
    D1: III-IV long spines
    D2 - 2 ocelli
  • dark
    D, A & C - white bars
    D: no rays, 1st spine long, 1 ocellus
    opercle & pectoral base - white spots
    LL 32-35
    nape & pectoral base scaleless
  • body: 4 bars
    D: front spines short, 1 ray
    C base - dark bar
    oblique bar behind eye
    edge of preopercle: row spots
    A dark, clear margin
    pelvic 2
    LL 33
    nape & pectoral base scaled
  • head, body & fins uniform
    D: front high, no rays
    pectoral & pelvic: rows dark spots
    opercular spine flat
    LL 35-36
    pectoral base no scales
  • D: I-III raised, but I relatively low; 0 rays
    D: distance spines III-IV = 1/2X distance spines I-III
    opercular spine blunt +2-3 points
    rear D: 1 ocellus
    white/brown/black + pink blotches
    A base: wide, dark stripe
    throat membrane: 6 (rarely 5) rays
    pelvic: ray 3 reduced, separate from ray 2
    pectoral base 1+ rows scales
  • eye & nape cirri hand-like
    D: 1 ray, 1st spine long
    body - 5 bars
    C base -bar
    pelvic rays 3&2 fused
    LL 35-36
    nape & pectoral base scaled
  • D: 1st spine short, 0-2 rays, black ocellus + ~7 bars
    dark oblique bar from eye
    pelvic rays 3&2 fused
    LL 31-36
  • nape cirrus: small triangle
    D:, 1st spine low, 1ray, border white
    black blotch top operculum
    A dark, white margin
    LL 36-40
  • each scale with small flap
    D: no rays, front hight, 1-2 ocelli at rear
    mottled red-brown, white flecks
    LL 32-37
    scales with skin flaps
  • body & A 6-7 bars
    eye cirrus branched
    D: 1 ray
    C base - 2 semicircular bars
    oblique bar from eye
    border operculum & preoperculum: row spots
    LL 39
    nape & pectoral base scaled
  • D: front high, no rays, dark
    C: clear
    white bands: under & after eye, pectoral base
    A: dark + clear blotches
    LL 31-33
  • D spine I low, front spines little raised, 0 rays
    distance spine III-IV = 1/2X distance spine I-III
    opercle spine: 1 (rarely 2) sharp point
    brown, 5-7 dark bars on body, D&A
    ocellus on rear D
    throat membrane rays 7 (rarely 6)
    pelvic: ray 3 reduced, separate from ray 2
    pectoral base scaled