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  • head depressed
    wide between eyes
    D2 I, 13; A I, 13
    flank- 4 dark bars
    C base - no dark blotch
    mouth reaches mid-eye
    pectoral 20, base - dark spot
  • head rounded
    eyes together
    scales on nape & all belly
    C long, blunt, dark blotch at base
    mouth reaches end of eye
    pectoral 20, base dark
    A I, 12-13
  • head depressed, no scales
    wide between eyes
    D1 yellow stripe under black rear spot
    D2 I, 9-12
    flank: 6 diffuse bars
    C base - diffuse black spot
    mouth to mid-eye
    pectoral 17, base - black blotch
    A I, 11-12
    A & lower C: white borders
  • head rounded
    eyes close
    nape & belly scaleless
    C: pointed, top margin white, base - dark crescent
    mouth passes eye
    mid-flank: 2 thin stripes + 4 blotches
    pectoral 19-20
    A I, 10-11