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  • male: orange throat, black D
    D: 34-36
    female: front D- black spot
    back and sides - several rows white spots
    center roof of mouth with teeth
    tongue long
  • relatively slender
    snout long
    eye small
    head spotted
    operculum edge - dark above, spots below
    D: 28-30, no ocellus, dark margin
    A margin dark
    center roof mouth no teeth
    tongue short
    pectoral 13
  • snout short, wide
    notch on nape
    D: 28-30, large sail in male, ocellus in female
    dark stripe + dark bars
    center roof mouth no teeth
    tongue short
    pectoral: 14
  • D: 33-38, male - black sail + orange bars; female - ocellus
    center roof mouth with teeth
    tongue short
    pectoral 12-13
  • snout short
    no notch behind head
    D: 34-36, female + ocellus
    male D - slightly raised, blue-grey
    teeth at front roof of mouth
    tongue short
    pectoral 13