Shorefishes of the Eastern Pacific online information system

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  • snout & lips whitish or red
    body: dark saddles, blue dots
  • head round
    forehead: club spines
    head & mouth purple/red
    flank: 1 row 6-8 dark blotches + white bars/spots
  • snout spiny
    top head - ridges
    head: yellow spots
    iris: red
    body: dark + 2 rows white blotches
  • forehead very spiny
    eye cirrus long & bushy
    head & body - white dots & dashes
    opercle: large black & brown ocellus
  • forehead weak spines
    eye cirrus branched
    body & lower head: white spots in dark mesh
  • forehead spines few, short
    eye cirrus simple
    dark blotch behind eye
    iris, lips & chin red
    D: front red
  • head: short, pointed spines + 2 ridges
    body: 2 rows dark blotches + blue dots
    front D: black stripe below, orange above
    side lower jaw: black
  • head: short spines + 2 ridges
    eye cirrus simple
    front D red + black spot; side lower jaw orange/red
    body: 2 rows dark blotches + blue dots
  • rear top head spiny
    eye cirrus branched or not
    iris yellow
    lower jaw: yellow & red
    front D black/black spot
    body: row dark spots & blotches
  • head very spiny
    eye cirrus simple
    male: head black + forehead & lips red, front D red & black
    body: blue dots + red & white blotches