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  • brown + oblong dark blotches, lines radiate from eye
    fins - outer 1/3 dark, thin white margins
    D: 4th & 5th spines longest
    C edge regular
    gill rakers 21-26
    pectoral 16-18
  • gold or grey + dense brown spots
    sometimes 10-12 dark bars
    D: 2nd & 3rd spines longest
    C edge regular
    preopercle edge notched
  • grey + dark oval blotches and spots
    D: 3rd spine longest
    C: edge saw-like
  • brown spots + dark saddles + pale vertical lines
    rare gold morph
    D: 3rd spine longest
    C border regular
  • body - elongate dark blotches with pale centers
    dark lines radiate from eye
    D: 2nd-7th spines ~ same length
    soft D & A pointed
    C edge saw-toothed
    preoperculum corner - angular, strongly serrated