Shorefishes of the Eastern Pacific online information system

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  • body & fins tan + many small brown spots
    D: X, 16-18
  • grey-green
    D: XI, 2nd spine longest, much longer than 1st
    juvenile - no white spots
    front & rear nostrils ~ same size
    gill rakers 9-11 + 17-20
  • pink-grey + white spots
    D XI, 15-16, 3rd-4th spines longest
    juvenile: fine mesh of dark spots + pale lines
    scales: 46-50 around tail base, 16-18 above LL
  • grey-green, pale mottling, white blotches
    D: XI, 16-18, 3rd or 4th spine longest, > rays
    tail base: dark saddle
    scales: 34-40 around tail base, 11-12 above LL
  • grey + scattered dark spots, oblique dark bars
    juv: dark bars & spots
    D: XI, spines shorter than rays
    C: rounded