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  • operculum: black oval
    D: front spines filamentous
    Chriolepis atrimelum, Black-cheek goby
    D2 & A long
    all body scaled
  • white + 7 narrow brown bars
    C base: dark crescent
    Chriolepis cuneata, Wedge goby, Rail goby
  • head pink + white dots
    body: white saddles and short bars
    C base - dark bar
    Chriolepis dialepta, White-starred goby
  • dark spots: head & body, pectoral base - 2
    bars: body ~ 6 , C base 1
    Ds - thin stripes
    Chriolepis lepidota, Pretty goby
  • red-brown
    male: D spines long, side head with light spots
    Chriolepis minutillus, Rubble goby
    belly - black dots
    pectoral base dark
    A black
  • head rounded
    eyes on top, together
    female: bars on body
    male uniforme
    C 7-9 thin dark bars
    Chriolepis species A, Wavy barred goby
    top jaw not reaching mid pupil
    pelvics long: past anus
    pectoral 15-17
  • eyes on top, together
    body: broken bars, orange spots
    C: black membranes, white rays, base & margin yellow
    Chriolepis species B, Orange-headed goby
    mouth reaches past eye
  • elongate, flattened
    eyes large, close together
    body: 5-6 thin bars
    Chriolepis tagus, Mystery goby
    lines radiate from eye
  • 3 brown lines radiate from eye
    white + black bars: nape 3, body ~ 7, C ~ 5
    Chriolepis zebra, Gecko goby