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  • eye with papilla
    D finlet high, isolated
    body: 2 Y bars
    Platygillellus altivelis, Sailfin sand-stargazer
    LL 40
  • eye - no papilla
    D finlet low
    body- 4 dark H bars
    LL 47
    Platygillellus bussingi, Costarican sand-stargazer, Bussing's sand-stargazer
    preopercle scaleless
    lower lip 21-33 flaps
  • eye with papilla
    D1 low
    body: ~ 4 dark bars
    Platygillellus rubellulus, Shortfin sand-stargazer
    preopercle scaled
    lower lip 15-17 flaps
    shoulder: strong white bar
    LL 43