Shorefishes of the Eastern Pacific online information system

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  • elongate, slender
    D1: X, 3rd spine passes origin D2
    C: S shape
    Menticirrhus elongatus, Pacific king-croaker, Slender king-croaker, Slender kingfish
    pectoral 17-20
    A 7
    soft D & A - scaled
    breast scales v small
  • eye not small
    D1 X, high, black
    Menticirrhus nasus, Highfin king-croaker, Highfin kingfish
    pectoral: large, black fan
    A 8
  • elongate
    D1: XI-XII, spines not reaching D2
    C: slightly concave
    Menticirrhus ophicephalus, Snakehead king-croaker
    pectoral: short
    LL 63-66
    breast scales v small
  • elongate, slender
    D1: X-XII, longest spine reaches origin D2
    C: S shape
    Menticirrhus paitensis, Paita king-croaker, Paita kingfish
    size of breast scales ~ body scales
    pectoral 21-23
    A 7
  • eye small
    D: IX-X + I, 18-22, long spines
    C: S shape
    Menticirrhus panamensis, Panama king-croaker, Panama kingfish
    pectoral long, black
  • lower profile horizontal
    D1: X, 3rd spine not reaching D2
    C: S shape
    Menticirrhus undulatus, California corvina,California king-croaker
    pectoral medium, black
    A 8-9
    breast scales v small