Shorefishes of the Eastern Pacific online information system

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  • large eye
    red + yellow blotches + dense small dark spots
    D spines II & III v long
    Pontinus clemensi, Mottled scorpionfish, Spotted scorpionfish
  • D: 3rd spine elongate
    red + brown & olive spots on back, D & C
    Pontinus furcirhinus, Red scorpionfish
  • eye large
    narrow between eyes
    D - no elongate spines
    bright red, back with green blotches
    under head white
    Pontinus sierra, Speckled scorpionfish
  • pink + oblique bars
    LL: broken stripe
    D: no long spines
    D & C: spotted
    Pontinus species A, Rosy scorpionfish
  • eye small
    D: 3rd spine long
    red + yellow blotches & dark spots
    fins red, D membranes yellow
    Pontinus strigatus, Stalk-eye scorpionfish
  • red + yellow blotches, dense pale blue spots
    D: 2nd & 3rd spines long
    Pontinus vaughani, Spotback scorpionfish