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  • above eye: rear nostril (a hole) + a pore
    D & A: low crests, at rear of tail
    tail: tip hard, pointed
    Anarchias galapagensis, Hardtail moray, Minute moray
    brown + white stars;
    tail tip white
  • eye & front nostril yellow
    white + 2 rows dark blotches & yellow spots
    Echidna nebulosa, Starry moray, Snowflake moray
  • front nostrils orange
    brown + rows yellow spots
    Echidna nocturna, Palenose moray, Freckled moray
  • lower jaw curved -> gap between jaws
    brown + white spots & blotches
    Enchelycore lichenosa, Lichen moray, Reticulate hookjaw moray
  • lower jaw curved -> gap between jaws
    uniform grey-brown
    Enchelycore octaviana, Slenderjaw moray
  • nostrils: front = tube + flap, rear = cup
    large canines
    dark grey-brown
    Enchelynassa canina, Longfang moray, Viper moray
  • black + white bars
    Gymnomuraena zebra, Zebra moray
  • body & D very wrinkled
    brown, wrinkles - dark
    Gymnothorax angusticeps, Wrinkled moray
  • front light brown + dark mottling
    rear: brown + short, narrow white bars
    margin of tail yellow
    Gymnothorax buroensis, Latticetail moray, Vagrant moray
  • green-brown
    D with few white dots
    Gymnothorax castaneus, Panamic green moray, Chestnut moray
  • body & fins: green or brown + dense white dots
    Gymnothorax dovii, Fine-spotted moray, Speckled moray
  • brown + white spots
    tail spots large (> eye), elongate
    long slender tail
    Gymnothorax equatorialis, Equatorial moray, Spotted moray, Spotted-tail moray
  • head large, wide
    jaws short, wide
    dark + pale lichen-like blotches
    tail tip yellow
    Gymnothorax eurygnathos, Wide-mouth moray
  • yellow + dense brown spotting
    eye orange
    gill opening in black patch
    D&A margin yellow-green
    Gymnothorax flavimarginatus, Yellow-margin moray, Yellow-edged moray
    teeth compressed, serrated
  • green-brown + scattered dark spots
    gill opening in black blotch
  • dark brown, + dense small yellow spots
    Gymnothorax meleagris, Guineafowl moray, White-mouth moray
    inside mouth white
  • yellow-brown, dense fine dark spots
    eye grey to yellow-brown
    gill opening in dark blotch
    D&A margin yellow
    Gymnothorax mordax, California moray
    teeth conical, smooth
  • brown
    eye in dark ring
    Gymnothorax panamensis, Masked moray, Panamic moray
    both jaws: row white dots
  • brown + white spots
    tail spots < eye, round
    tail slender
    Gymnothorax phalarus, Small-spotted moray
  • white + dense black spots
    Gymnothorax pictus, Peppered moray, Paint-spotted moray
  • dense irregular small dark spots
    nostrils & head pores dark
    teeth smooth
    gill opening dark (not black)
  • side head - dark brown stripes
    head, body, D & A: large pale spots
    Gymnothorax serratidens, Sawtooth moray
  • pale + irregular dark meshwork
    Gymnothorax undulatus, Undulated moray
  • slender
    D: high, border black & white
    Gymnothorax verrilli, White-edged moray
    pale brown, finely freckled
    A: white margin
  • both nostrils tubular
    yellow eye
    grey-brown, 3 rows pale blotches, many white dots
    D & A: margins white
    Muraena argus, Argus moray, White-spotted moray
    gill opening in black patch
  • both nostrils tubular
    brown + dense cream spotting
    Muraena clepsydra, Hourglass moray
    rear lower jaw: black & white spot
    gill opening in large black ocellus
  • both nostrils tubular
    variable: brown + dark-edged cream spots; or pale + brown mottling
    Muraena lentiginosa, Jewel moray
    gill opening: indistinct black spot
  • body tubular, semi-rigid
    both nostrils tubular
    eyes small
    tan + large & small dark spots
    tail < 1/3 TL, soft, blunt point
    Scuticaria tigrina, Tiger moray, Tiger reef-eel
    mouth long
  • rear nostril = hole over eye
    brown + pale mottling
    tail-tip yellow
    D & A on tail
    Uropterygius macrocephalus, Largehead moray, Largehead snake-moray, Needle-tooth snake-moray
    1 pore above gill opening
  • rear nostril: short tube over eye
    grey to light orange, peppered with black
    D & A on tail
    Uropterygius polystictus, Many-spotted snake-moray, Peppered snake-moray
    1 pore above gill opening
  • rear nostril: short tube over eye
    tan + vertical rows dark spots
    D & A on tail
    Uropterygius supraforatus, Many-toothed snake-moray
    1 pore over gill opening
  • rear nostril: short tube over eye
    brown +/- white blotches
    D & A on tail
    Uropterygius versutus, Black-eye snake-moray, Two-holes snake-moray, Crafty snake-moray
    2 pores beforer gill opening