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  • greenish + white spots
    white belly
    gill opening in black blotch
    Arothron hispidus, White-spotted puffer
  • black + dense white spots
    yellow (sometimes + irregular dark blotches)
    Arothron meleagris, Guineafowl puffer
  • scattered black spots
    dark areas - mouth, eye, pectoral base
    Arothron nigropunctatus, Blackspotted puffer
  • head: dense blue lines
    body: dense blue spots
    Canthigaster amboinensis, Spider-eye sharpnose-puffer, Ambon sharpnose-puffer
  • bluish-green lines radiate from eye
    +/- blue-green lines under D
    body & head: dense pale blue-green spots
    Canthigaster janthinoptera, Green-spotted sharpnose-puffer, Honeycomb Toby
  • head, body & C: dense blue-white spots
    Canthigaster punctatissima, Spotted sharpnose-puffer
  • white + 2 black saddles & 2 black bars
    Canthigaster valentini, Black-saddled sharpnose-puffer, Valentini's sharpnose-puffer
  • nasal organ = broad papilla with 2 large holes + cluster small pits
    wide & convex between eyes
    back & sides - dense dark spots
    Guentheridia formosa, Spotted puffer
    back & belly: skin prickly
  • elongate
    D & A pointed
    C concave
    dark above
    flank silver + black spots
    pectoral - dark above, white below
    juv: 9 bars
  • narrow & concave between eyes
    tan; eyes & fins yellow
    mid back - 2 black skin flaps
    Sphoeroides angusticeps, Narrow-headed puffer, Skin-flap puffer, Concave puffer
  • wide & convex between eyes
    back: 2 pale ovals, outer one with straight front
    Sphoeroides annulatus, Bullseye puffer
    snout > distance eye to gill opening
  • between eyes convex
    upper head & body - small dark spots
    skin without spines
    Sphoeroides kendalli, Slick puffer
  • between eyes wide & flat
    back: 3 dark saddles + white dots
    C outer 1/2 dark, white margin
    skin: no spines, no skin flaps
    Sphoeroides lispus, Naked puffer, Smooth puffer
  • row bars along lower flank
    mid-back: 2 black skin flaps + 2 dark blotches
    skin flaps on body
    Sphoeroides lobatus, Longnose puffer, Lobeskin puffer
  • convex & very wide between eyes
    back: outer oval without front cross-line
    snout = / < distance eye to gill opening
  • wide & convex between eyes
    few large spots along side
    spines - tail base & snout
    Sphoeroides sechurae, Southern puffer, Peruvian puffer
  • wide & convex between eyes
    snout short, steep
    back: white spots
    Sphoeroides trichocephalus, Pygmy puffer, Dwarf puffer
    dark pectoral base