Shorefishes of the Eastern Pacific online information system

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  • white + dense black reticulated spots
    Cerdale ionthas, Spotted worm-goby
    lower lip - V shaped side notch
    gill opening tubular
  • D X-XII, 30-33; A 28-32
    scales - dark edges
    belly - row dark dots
    Cerdale paludicola, Mangrove worm-goby
    gill opening - narrow tube
  • D XIII, 38; A 37
    scales - dark margins
    Cerdale prolata, Many-spined worm-goby
    chin - lateral ridges
    gill opening - broad tube
  • yellowish + 2 black stripes
    Clarkichthys bilineatus, Flagtail wormfish, Flagtail worm-goby
  • eyes - not tiny, on sides of head
    plain color
    Microdesmus affinis, Olivaceous goby, Short-tail worm-goby
    thin lips
    chin - knob
    pectoral: 12
    A 41
    scales 19 radiating lines
  • eye on side, not tiny
    head mottled, irregular stripe along top back
    flank to A origin: short bars
    Microdesmus dipus, Translucent worm-fish, Banded worm-goby, Scrawled worm-goby
    chin - knob
    A 32-37
    pectoral 11-13
    scales 22 radiating lines
  • eye - not tiny, on side of head
    head & anterior side barred
    base each D spine with a black spot
    Microdesmus dorsipunctatus, Back-spotted worm-goby
    chin - knob
    A 34-38
    pectoral 12-14
  • snout square
    eye tiny, high
    plain color
    C pointed, dark
    Microdesmus hildebrandi, Dark-tailed worm-goby
    lips fleshy, with large flanges
    A 36
    pectoral 10
    scales 24 radiating lines
  • snout blunt
    eye tiny, high
    plain color
    Microdesmus intermedius, Long-tailed worm-goby
    lips thick, with large flanges
    A 43-49
    pectoral 10-14
    scales 31 radiating lines
  • eyes tiny, high
    dense dark dots - upper body & head
    Microdesmus knappi, Fat-lipped worm-goby
    lips - fleshy, large flaps
    A 21-23
    pectoral 11
  • eye tiny, high
    plain color
    C pointed
    Microdesmus multiradiatus, Giant worm-goby
    thick lips, with large folds
    chin round
    A 53-59
    pectoral: 12
    scales 37 radiating lines
  • eye not tiny, not high
    under eye - 2 bars
    body: 2 rows oval blotches
    Microdesmus retropinnis, Rearfin wormfish, Double-spotted worm-goby
    D origin posterior
    A 28-32
    pectoral 10
  • eye not tiny, at side
    D base -spots
    flank: row spots behind eye stripe
    Microdesmus suttkusi, Spotside wormfish
    lower lips - side pouches