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  • lower body - lines of black spots
    D1 2 thick black stripes
    D2 rows black spot
    C ~ 4 dark chevrons
    Aboma etheostoma, Scaly goby, Spot-lined goby
    lower head - black spots
  • only D & C black
    D & A - 14
    Akko brevis, Dark-tail specter-goby
  • all fins black except pelvics
    D & A - 15
    Akko rossi, Black-fin specter-goby
  • head flattened, cheeks puffy
    brown + thin white bars
    Aruma histrio, Slow goby
    preopercle with barbel
    pectoral base - black & white bars
  • bottom of head & body flattened
    head broad, depressed
    Awaous banana, River goby
    crecent bar under D1
    oblique bar above pectoral base
    pelvics in disc
    2-3 papillae under gill cover
  • short barbels: 1 snout, 1 under eye, 14-16 chin & lower jaw
    chocolate + black dots & 2 rows alternating pale blotches
    Barbulifer ceuthoecus, Atlantic bearded-goby
  • long barbels: snout 1, under eye 2, lower jaw 8
    white + 5 dark bars
    Barbulifer mexicanus, Mexican bearded-goby, Saddlebanded goby
    pectoral base - black bar
  • short barbels: under eye 2, lower jaw 6-12
    tan + dense brown spots & black dots
    Barbulifer pantherinus, Panther bearded-goby
    pectoral base: black blotch
  • 3 dark spots after eye - small, 3rd > 1st
    D1 dark oblique bar
    Bathygobius andrei, Estuarine frillfin
    head without white spots
    pectoral: free rays - 1 branch
  • 3 dark spots after eye - 3rd large
    D1; striped, outer part clear
    Bathygobius lineatus, Southern frillfin
    head with white spots
    pectoral: free rays - 1 branch
  • 3 dark spots after eye - 1st large
    D1 : striped, no clear border
    C - dark bars
    Bathygobius ramosus, Panamic frillfin
    head with white spots
    pectoral: free rays with > 1 branch
  • D1: dark spot rear base, spines short
    D2 - 2 rows orange spots
    C: fin dark, weak dark blotch
    Bollmannia chlamydes, Orangespotted goby
    top lip: no black line
    pelvic & A: blackish
  • D1: faint dark blotch at base, spines long
    flank: 3-6 bars
    C base: ~ faint spot
    Bollmannia macropoma, Frailscale goby, Large-eye goby
    top lip: black line
  • D1: black blotch rear center
    D2 stripe + spots
    flank: 5-6 double dark bars
    C base - black spot
    Bollmannia marginalis, Apostrophe goby, Margin-spot goby
    top lip: without black line
  • D1: dark spot at rear base, spines very long
    flank - row orange blotches
    C long, pointed, lower 1/2 dark, base without spot
    Bollmannia ocellata, Pennant goby, Ocellated goby
    top lip: no black line
    throat, pelvic y A: black
  • D1: no dark spot, spines long
    D2: I, 15; orange spots & margin
    C: dark blotch on base + 2 orange stripes below
    Bollmannia species A, Slender goby
    top lip: black line
    A - 2 orange stripes
  • D1: no dark spot, spines long
    D2: I, 13
    C: dark blotch
    Bollmannia stigmatura, Tail-spot goby
    top lip: no black line
    pelvics dark
    A - dark + orange base
  • D1: large dark blotch at base, spines medium
    flank: 6-8 bars
    C base: indistinct dark spot
    Bollmannia umbrosa, Dusky goby, Dark-lipped goby
    top lip: black line
  • operculum: black oval
    D: front spines filamentous
    Chriolepis atrimelum, Black-cheek goby
    D2 & A long
    all body scaled
  • white + 7 narrow brown bars
    C base: dark crescent
    Chriolepis cuneata, Wedge goby, Rail goby
  • head pink + white dots
    body: white saddles and short bars
    C base - dark bar
    Chriolepis dialepta, White-starred goby
  • dark spots: head & body, pectoral base - 2
    bars: body ~ 6 , C base 1
    Ds - thin stripes
    Chriolepis lepidota, Pretty goby
  • red-brown
    male: D spines long, side head with light spots
    Chriolepis minutillus, Rubble goby
    belly - black dots
    pectoral base dark
    A black
  • head rounded
    eyes on top, together
    female: bars on body
    male uniforme
    C 7-9 thin dark bars
    Chriolepis species A, Wavy barred goby
    top jaw not reaching mid pupil
    pelvics long: past anus
    pectoral 15-17
  • eyes on top, together
    body: broken bars, orange spots
    C: black membranes, white rays, base & margin yellow
    Chriolepis species B, Orange-headed goby
    mouth reaches past eye
  • elongate, flattened
    eyes large, close together
    body: 5-6 thin bars
    Chriolepis tagus, Mystery goby
    lines radiate from eye
  • 3 brown lines radiate from eye
    white + black bars: nape 3, body ~ 7, C ~ 5
    Chriolepis zebra, Gecko goby
  • head - ~ 5 orange stripes
    body - ~ 6 rows orange or brown spots
    C base - dark spot + 2 white spots
    Coryphopterus urospilus, Redlight goby
  • D1: black spot, orange margin
    C - 2 orange stripes
    Ctenogobius manglicola, Mangrove goby
    behind mouth: blotch, continues as line
    pelvic - white + black margin
  • side nape dark blotch
    Ctenogobius sagittula, Lancetail goby, Longtail goby
    cheek: brown stripe; opercle: dark blotch
    flank: 5 dark blotches
  • head flat, eyes on top
    upper head pores with flaps
    head & body - white spots
    flank - dark dashes
    Eleotrica cableae, Marbled goby, Cable goby
    cirri - rear of top lip
    rear opercle - dark bar
  • translucent, sparse black dots
    D IV + I, 15
    D edge black
    C: top border & lower 1/3 dark
    Evermannia erici, Eric's goby
    shoulder: 1 flap
    A: clear base, black stripe, white margin
    few scales
  • yellow-brown, back dotted
    D IV-V + I, 16-17
    D fine stripes
    C: cream/clear + fine bars
    Evermannia longipinnis, Enigmatic goby, Big-headed goby
    shoulder: no flaps
    no scales
  • lower head & belly dark dots
    D IV + I, 16
    male: D & C yellow & black, A black
    female: C & A grey + white edges
    Evermannia panamensis, Panama goby
    shoulder: 1 long flap
    few scales on C base
  • female: fins checkered
    D IV + I, 14-15
    male: D, A & C - yellow, black, & white stripes
    Evermannia zosterura, Bandedtail goby, Banded goby
    shoulder: 1 long flap
    C base - few scales
  • D, A & rear body red
    D1 V-VI, base - black spot
    C base - 2 black spots
    Evorthodus minutus, Small goby, Red-fin goby
    scales large, head & body (smooth at front, rough behind)
  • nape with scales
    eyes look up
    uniformly pale
    Gillichthys detrusus, Delta mud-sucker
    space between Ds 1/2 D1 base
    pectoral: top ray tip not free, usually 22 or more
    D2 I, 11-12; A I, 10-11
  • nape with scales
    eyes look to side
    cheek - dark stripe
    flank - row dark blotches
    Gillichthys mirabilis, Long-jawed mud-sucker
    space between Ds < / 1 / 3 D1 base
    body: lower 1/3 pale
    pectoral: top ray tip not free, usually 21 or less
    D2 I, 11-12; A I, 10-11
  • nape scaleless
    back ~ 6 dark saddles
    side: row dark & yellow blotches;
    Gillichthys seta, Short-jaw mud-sucker
    upper jaw ~to end preopercle
    body all pigmented
    pectoral: top 1-2 rays with free tip
    D2 I, 10-12; A I, 8-9
  • very elongate
    eye tiny
    Ds joined
    D & A fused to C
    bars on upper side
    Gobioides peruanus, Peruvian eel-goby, Smalleye eel-goby
    mouth large, very oblique
    teeth long
  • flank: short bars
    Gobionellus daguae, Choco goby
    cheek: 2 dark stripes
    pectoral base: large black spot
    28-35 lateral scales
  • very elongate
    eye small, on top
    Ds partly joined
    D & A not joined to C
    D & C spotted
    Gobionellus liolepis, Gulf goby, Smooth-scaled goby
    mouth large, oblique
    teeth conical
  • back - oblique saddles
    mid-side - row of blotches
    belly wavy bars
    Gobionellus microdon, Estuary goby, Palmtail goby
    cheek & pectoral base - silvery
    50-73 lateral scales
  • both sexes: 7 wide dark bars
    D2 I, 13
    scales: mainly rough, 32-55 lateral, to pectoral base
    Gobiosoma aceras, White-margined goby
    barbels: chin 2, nostril 1
  • grey
    flank: row 8-10 dark spots
    white spots: head, body & C
    Gobiosoma chiquita, Sonora goby
    no head barbels
  • lower head - 5 oblique bars
    body: strong bars
    midline - row dark spots
    D2 10-11
    Gobiosoma hildebrandi, Hildebrand's goby
    no head barbels
    genital papilla notched
  • body: grey, faint bars
    barbels: under front nostril
  • mid-snout: 1 papilla
    female: body & Ds: ~ 8 dark & white bars
    male:dark, D - white border
    Gobiosoma nudum, Knob-chin goby
    chin: 2 barbels
    2-3 bars under eye
    scales: 0-4 behind pectoral + 2 on C base
  • body dark + ~ 7 thin pale bars
    head & body pale spots
    D1 male: 1st spine long
    D2 12-13
    Ds- stripes/rows black & white spots
    Gobiosoma paradoxum, Paradox goby
    head without barbels
  • male: dark, Ds - white edges
    dark + irregular oblique white bars
    D2 I, 13-14
    scales smooth, 33-59, to pectoral base
    Gobiosoma seminudum, Silt goby, Tidal goby
    barbels: chin 2, nostril 1, snout 2
    male all dark, D1 white edge
  • head round
    body pale brown + dark dots or narrow bars
    D2 10-11
    Gobiosoma species A, Short gill-raker goby
    no head barbels
    flank scales to base of pectoral
  • dark bars: top head 2, body 7-10
    D: 2 stripes
    C base: bar
    Gobiosoma species B, Tail-scaled goby
    barbels: chin 2, front nostril 1
    pectoral base: 2 spots
  • body: faint bars
    midside: dark dashes
    D2 10
    D: 3 stripes
    C: wavy bars
    Gobiosoma species C, Few-rayed goby
    no head barbels
    pectoral base: 2 spots
  • red-brown + white stripe - snout to C
    2 Ds partly joined, dark bases
    D2 I,13; A I, 13
    Gobulus birdsongi, Fin-joined goby
  • upper 1/2 tan + spots, lower purple & brown
    Ds separate, yellow, white, orange
    D2 I, 10-11: A I, 9-10
    Gobulus crescentalis, Crescent goby
  • upper 1/3 white + dark spots , lower 2/3 dark brown
    eye small
    Ds separate, clear
    D2 I, 10-11: A I, 10-11
    Gobulus hancocki, Sand-top goby
  • dark + thin white bars on body & head
    fins dark + white rays
    Gymneleotris seminuda, Split-banded goby
  • opercle - black blotch
    chin - black
    D red + white border
    A black stripe
    Ilypnus gilberti, Cheekspot goby
    shoulder- 1 skin flap
  • uniformly light
    Ilypnus luculentus, Bright goby, Shining goby
    shoulder: 2 skin flaps
  • low crest, on nape only
    nape scaled to ~ front of crest
    D1: outer 1/2 dark + 2-3 pale spots
    uniformly dark, scales - dark edges
    Lophogobius cristulatus, Pacific crested-goby
    C: 8-9 dark bars
  • crest high, on nape & between eyes
    top nape & crest: no scales
    mottled brown
    D1 dark + black & yellow spot
    male: violet, D1 black & orange
    Lophogobius cyprinoides, Atlantic crested-goby
    cheeks: cream spots
  • head: bars above, cream spots below
    body: 10 narrow brown bars
    C: 6 faint bars
  • red + blue bars: body 4-7, head 3
    D2 I, 18: A I, 14-15
    Lythrypnus cobalus, Knave goby
    pectoral grey, 21-22
    under tail base: 5 black dots
    Cocos Island
  • red + thin blue bars: head 2, body 3-5
    D2 I, 17; A I, 15.5
    Lythrypnus dalli, Bluebanded goby
    pectoral clear, 18-19
  • head red + blue spots
    body: brown + 8-9 blue-white bars
    Lythrypnus gilberti, Galapagos blue-banded goby
  • red-brown
    lower head: red spots
    dark edged blue bars: head 4, body ~ 14
    Lythrypnus insularis, Distant goby, Island goby
    pectoral 17-20
  • body: 10 narrow pale bars + wide dark interspaces
    pale bars - 12 central rows dark dots
    D 14; A 9
    Cocos Is
    Lythrypnus lavenbergi, Lavenberg's goby
  • cheek: no brown spots
    orange + narrow blue bars: 4 head, 11-14 body
    C: rays spotted
    Lythrypnus pulchellus, Gorgeous goby
    pectoral 17-18
  • cheek: brown spots
    orange-brown + blue-white bars: 4-6 head, 9-14 body
    C: rays spotted
    Lythrypnus rhizophora, Spot-cheek goby
    pectoral 17-18
  • lower head - brown spots
    red + blue bars: head 4, body 12
    Lythrypnus solanensis, Sola's goby
    pectoral 21-22
  • blue & red bars with dark central line
    blue bars: body ~ 18, head 5
    Lythrypnus zebra, Zebra goby
  • nape with crest
    D spines short
    under D1: male: dark spot + blue bar; female: yellow bar
    D2 yellow stripe
    Microgobius brevispinis, Balboa goby, Short-spine goby
    pelvics black + white margin
    body scales smooth
    C: central red stripe, red dots above
  • nape - almost no crest
    D spines long both sexes
    C: lower margin yellow
    Microgobius crocatus, Yellow-spotted goby
    lips & pelvic margin yellow
    rough scales behind pectoral
    above anus - blue blotch
    A: yellow base or margin
  • nape almost no crest
    both sexes - long D spines
    male: nape & side - yellow spots on blue blotch
    male: A yellow
    Microgobius curtus, Low-crested goby
    female: pectoral base - 2 blue spots
    female: under D1: blue bar + 2 pale bars
    female: rear body pale
  • nape crest in female
    both sexes: short D spines
    black & blue oval blotch under orgin D1
    D1 spines short, blue base
    D2 margin orange
    Microgobius cyclolepis, Round-scale goby
    C - top border orange
  • nape - almost no crest
    male: D1 long spines
    back - dark bars
    dark blotch under D1
    male: flank- 2 blue stripes; lower C - yellow + red stripe
    female: lower rear body pale, lower C - yellow + 2 red stripes
  • nape almost no crest
    D: spine V - short filament
    silvery tan + silver bars
    Microgobius erectus, Erect goby, Steep-jaw goby
    head - dark streaks + dots
  • no nape crest
    D1: long spines in male
    flank - narrow short dark bars
    D2: 3 rows orange spots
    Microgobius miraflorensis, Miraflores goby
    A margin & lower C margin orange
  • nape crest in female
    both sexes: long D spines
    base D1 dark spots
    blue spots: flank 3-5, belly 2-3
    C: central red & yellow stripe
  • pale grey + faint pale bars
    C - dark + 2 white stripes
    lateral scales 67-76
    no rough scales under pectoral
    Microgobius urraca, Dark-finned sand goby
    D1 oval dark blotch
  • head depressed
    wide between eyes
    D2 I, 13; A I, 13
    flank- 4 dark bars
    C base - no dark blotch
    Parrella fusca, Dark goby
    mouth reaches mid-eye
    pectoral 20, base - dark spot
  • head rounded
    eyes together
    scales on nape & all belly
    C long, blunt, dark blotch at base
    Parrella ginsburgi, Darkblotch goby, Ginsburg's goby
    mouth reaches end of eye
    pectoral 20, base dark
    A I, 12-13
  • head depressed, no scales
    wide between eyes
    D1 yellow stripe under black rear spot
    D2 I, 9-12
    flank: 6 diffuse bars
    C base - diffuse black spot
    Parrella lucretiae, Maculated goby, Lucretia's goby
    mouth to mid-eye
    pectoral 17, base - black blotch
    A I, 11-12
    A & lower C: white borders
  • head rounded
    eyes close
    nape & belly scaleless
    C: pointed, top margin white, base - dark crescent
    Parrella maxillaris, Double-striped goby
    mouth passes eye
    mid-flank: 2 thin stripes + 4 blotches
    pectoral 19-20
    A I, 10-11
  • head depressed, white dots
    D1 VII
    body ~ 6 dark bars
    C: oval, black bar at base
    lower opercle - black spot
    pelvics separate
    belly - 2 cream bars
  • head narrow; knob on snout
    white spot behind eye
    back: 6 double white spots
    Quietula guaymasiae, Guaymas goby
    top jaw ~ reaches gill opening
  • head large, depressed; groove across nape
    side- row dark spots
    C base - Y shaped blotch
    Quietula y-cauda, American shadow goby
    top jaw extends onto opercle
    male: A - black stripe
  • head: red bars
    body: external dark bars - thin, wavy
    Tigrigobius digueti, Banded cleaner-goby
  • head orange + 3 white bars
    body yellow + 5 wide internal brown bars
    Tigrigobius inornatus, Inornate goby
    pectoral 19
  • head: brown bars & spots
    body: ~ 6 internal dark bars
    back - ~ 3 rows dark spots
    Tigrigobius janssi, Spot-back goby
  • red bars on front, brown bars at rear
    head & body - thin, straight pale bars
    Tigrigobius limbaughi, Wide-banded cleaner-goby
  • head: red + 3 white bars
    body: 10 external bars over 5 internal bars
    Tigrigobius nesiotes, Broken-back cleaner-goby
    pectoral 18
  • head - brilliant red stripe
    flank: row ~ 8 dark blotches