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  • snout & lips whitish or red
    body: dark saddles, blue dots
    Acanthemblemaria atrata, Cocos barnacle-blenny
  • head round
    forehead: club spines
    head & mouth purple/red
    flank: 1 row 6-8 dark blotches + white bars/spots
    Acanthemblemaria balanorum, Club-head barnacle-blenny
  • snout spiny
    top head - ridges
    head: yellow spots
    iris: red
    body: dark + 2 rows white blotches
    Acanthemblemaria castroi, Galapagos barnacle-blenny
  • forehead very spiny
    eye cirrus long & bushy
    head & body - white dots & dashes
    Acanthemblemaria crockeri, Brown-cheek barnacle-blenny
    opercle: large black & brown ocellus
  • forehead weak spines
    eye cirrus branched
    body & lower head: white spots in dark mesh
    Acanthemblemaria exilispinus, Blunt-spine barnacle-blenny
  • forehead spines few, short
    eye cirrus simple
    dark blotch behind eye
    iris, lips & chin red
    D: front red
    Acanthemblemaria hancocki, Hancock's barnacle-blenny, Panamic barnacle-blenny
  • head: short, pointed spines + 2 ridges
    body: 2 rows dark blotches + blue dots
    Acanthemblemaria hastingsi, Cortez barnacle-blenny
    front D: black stripe below, orange above
    side lower jaw: black
  • head: short spines + 2 ridges
    eye cirrus simple
    front D red + black spot; side lower jaw orange/red
    body: 2 rows dark blotches + blue dots
    Acanthemblemaria macrospilus, Mexican barnacle-blenny
  • rear top head spiny
    eye cirrus branched or not
    iris yellow
    lower jaw: yellow & red
    front D black/black spot
    body: row dark spots & blotches
    Acanthemblemaria mangognatha, Revillagigedos barnacle-blenny
  • head very spiny
    eye cirrus simple
    male: head black + forehead & lips red, front D red & black
    body: blue dots + red & white blotches
    Acanthemblemaria stephensi, Malpelo barnacle-blenny
  • male: orange throat, black D
    D: 34-36
    female: front D- black spot
    back and sides - several rows white spots
    Chaenopsis alepidota, Orange-throat pike-blenny
    center roof of mouth with teeth
    tongue long
  • relatively slender
    snout long
    eye small
    head spotted
    operculum edge - dark above, spots below
    D: 28-30, no ocellus, dark margin
    A margin dark
    Chaenopsis coheni, Cohen's pike-blenny, Cortez pike-blenny
    center roof mouth no teeth
    tongue short
    pectoral 13
  • snout short, wide
    notch on nape
    D: 28-30, large sail in male, ocellus in female
    dark stripe + dark bars
    Chaenopsis deltarrhis, Delta pike-blenny
    center roof mouth no teeth
    tongue short
    pectoral: 14
  • D: 33-38, male - black sail + orange bars; female - ocellus
    Chaenopsis schmitti, Yellow-mouth pike-blenny, Galapagos pike-blenny
    center roof mouth with teeth
    tongue short
    pectoral 12-13
  • snout short
    no notch behind head
    D: 34-36, female + ocellus
    male D - slightly raised, blue-grey
    Chaenopsis species A, Panamic pike-blenny
    teeth at front roof of mouth
    tongue short
    pectoral 13
  • cirri: center snout 1, eyes 2 pairs very bushy, nape 2 rows
    Cirriemblemaria lucasana, Plume tube-blenny
    operculum - oblique dark-edged pale bar
  • eye: 1 simple cirrus
    D notched
    males: black head, red snout, yellow cirri
    female: chin & throat - dark bars, operculum - dark spots
    Coralliozetus angelicus, Angel tube-blenny
  • eye - 1 simple cirrus
    D notched
    male: dark + rows white spots;
    side head - white bars
    female: light + white spots, clear fins
    Coralliozetus boehlkei, Barcheek tube-blenny, Bohlke's tube-blenny
  • eye: 1 cirrus
    D with notch
    male: black; operculum - ~ 4 white bars; D - front high, dark + white bars
    female: lower head - dark bars
    Coralliozetus micropes, Zebraface tube-blenny, Scarlet-fin tube-blenny
  • eye: 1 simple cirrus
    D notched
    male: brown head, D- 1st 3 spines long, + ocellus
    female: lines of brown dots under mouth, D-1st 3 spines slightly elongated
    Coralliozetus rosenblatti, Spike-fin tube-blenny
  • eye: 2 cirri (1 tiny)
    D notched
    male: head dark + white dots, cirri blue
    female: white blotches on head, front D white
    Coralliozetus springeri, Springer's tube-blenny
  • 1 bushy eye cirrus
    behind eyes: 2 bony ridges
    D: flap on 1st spine, no notch after spines
    D, A & C entirely pigmented
    Ekemblemaria lira, Slit-pored tube-blenny
    operculum: large dark blotch
    pelvics < pectorals
  • 1 bushy eye cirrus
    behind eyes: no ridges
    nape pores = slits
    body dark + pale bars
    C + rear D & A clear
    Ekemblemaria myersi, Reef-sand tube-blenny
    operculum: large ocellus
    pelvics < pectorals
  • male eye cirri very long, flattened
    male: 1st D spine ~ 4 skin flaps
    male: red brown; eye cirri green + orange; thin cream bars on body
    Emblemaria hudsoni, Naked blenny
    A 25-26
    female: pale spots in dark mesh, D with dark spot
  • snout: 2 smooth ridges
    male: black + red eye & cirri; D black & blue, 1 small flap on 1st spine
    female: D spines low & even; rows brown blotches on flank & A base
    Emblemaria hypacanthus, Gulf signal-blenny
    A 21-24
  • snout: 2 smooth ridges
    eye cirrus - several branches
    male: dark, white back, dense brown spots; D (no flaps) blue lines + white spots
    female D: 1st spine long, large ocellus + orange spots
    Emblemaria nivipes, White-back signal-blenny
    A 23-24
  • snout: 2 ridges with tubercles
    male: head black, eye red, D - black, orange & blue, 1st spine - 3-5 skin flaps
    female: D- 1st 3 spines long, then notch; pale, white flecks, brown spots
    Emblemaria piratica, Sailfin signal-blenny
    A 21-23
  • snout: 2 serrated ridges
    male: brown head, red eye & cirrus; D- black & blue, 1st spine 1 large flap
    female: D spines low; red-brown, back- pale saddles
    Emblemaria walkeri, Elusive signal-blenny
    A 25-26
  • very elongate
    eye cirri: 5 pairs, very bushy
    head green
    eye black
    body reddish
    Mccoskerichthys sandae, Tufted tube-blenny
  • head: warts + 2 ridges between eyes
    eye: 2 deeply branched cirri
    head & body - white spots
    D: front ocellus
    Protemblemaria bicirrus, Wart-head tube-blenny
  • nape - U crest with flaps, 1 pair papillae
    eye: 2 large branched cirri
    body - brown spots and thin pale bars
    D: red spots & bars
    Protemblemaria perla, Fringed tube-blenny
  • cirri: nostril only
    Stathmonotus culebrai, Panamanic worm-blenny
  • cirri:- eye & nostril
    Stathmonotus lugubris, Mexican worm-blenny
  • cirri: eye only
    Stathmonotus sinuscalifornici, California worm-blenny, Gulf worm-blenny, Cortez worm-blenny
  • very elongate, tapering
    eye cirrus: 1, flat
    spines under eye
    D: 1st spine long
    Tanyemblemaria alleni, Slender tube-blenny