Shorefishes of the Eastern Pacific online information system

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  • operculum: violet ocellus
    body: blue bars & spots
    D & A row blue spots
    C very long, pointed
    Lonchopisthus sinuscalifornicus, Longtailed jawfish
  • body: no marks
    D: 13, 7 dark blotches
    C: 2 bars
    Opistognathus brochus, Toothy jawfish
    protruding teeth
    inside mouth & jaws - not color
    A black
  • dark + blue stripes (head - 2, body - 3)
    D: high, sail-like
    Opistognathus fenmutis, Sailfin jawfish
  • front nostril - long bushy cirrus
    body: 6 bars
    D: 15-17, black spot at front
    Opistognathus fossoris, Barred jawfish
    inside rear of top jaw: black V + white and red
  • front nostril - branched cirrus
    6 brown bars + flank stripe
    D: large elongate black & white blotch at front
    Opistognathus galapagensis, Galapagos jawfish
    inside mouth - plain
  • yellow + rows blue spots & lines
    Opistognathus panamaensis, Panamanian jawfish
    gill rakers 37
    pectoral: 20
    roof mouth: 1-4 teeth
  • head - dark dots
    body - dark spots & blotches
    juveniles: black spot/ocellus on D
    Opistognathus punctatus, Fine-spotted jawfish
    lips: no inner papillae
    male: black Vs inside lower jaw
    gill rakers: 41-49
  • head & back: small dark spots
    juvenile: 6 dark bars + edge operculum dark
    Opistognathus rhomaleus, Giant jawfish
    lips: inner papillae
    inside mouth plain
    gill rakers 28-33
  • tan + rows large blue spots
    Opistognathus rosenblatti, Blue-spotted jawfish
    gill rakers 34-35
    pectoral: 17-18
    roof mouth - no teeth
  • front nostril - simple cirrus
    body: 3-4 dark stripes + elongate white blotches
    D black + large ocellus & white lines/spots
    Opistognathus scops, Happy jawfish, Bullseye jawfish
  • behind eye: upper & lower spots
    body & D: 5 bars
    D: 16-17
    D y C: lines white dots
    Opistognathus smithvanizi, Eye-spot jawfish
    inside mouth - black & white
    top of opercle: no flap
  • body uniform color
    D: 12-13
    Opistognathus walkeri, Longjaw jawfish
    rear of top jaw: black outside & inside
    top jaw: pointed, passes opercle