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  • snout long plates
    D1 1st spine short
    preoperculum - 1 rear spine
    red head & body
    pectoral short, red + center rays black
    D1 red; D2 red + yellow blotches
    Bellator farrago, Medley searobin
    opercular spine short
    breast unscaled, belly scaled
  • snout: long plates
    spine over front eye
    D1: 1st spine short, red + 2 dark spots
    pectoral red, dusky edge
    D2 & A wide red margin
    C red + yellow blotch
    Bellator gymnostethus, Naked-belly searobin
    preopercular crest: 2 rear spines
    breast scaleless
  • snout: plates very short
    D: 1st spine long, red + dark spot
    side body: oblique orange bars
    D2 red + white stripes
    C white + 2 red bars
    Bellator loxias, Barred searobin, Chevron searobin
    preopercular crest ends in 1 spine
  • snout: long plates
    D: 1st spine long, red + rear ocellus
    C red + 2 thin white bars
    Bellator xenisma, Splitnose searobin
    preopercular crest: 2 rear spines
    pectoral brown to grey
  • mouth short
    lips - pale blotches
    D1: 1st spine serrated, dark central spots
    C dark + pale center bar
    Prionotus albirostris, White-snout searobin
    preopercular crest serrated
    pectoral long, dark + dark spots, blackish edge
  • head flattened
    snout plates long
    C: 3 dark bars
    Prionotus birostratus, Two-beaked searobin
    preopercular crest: 2 rear spines
    pectoral long, border concave, black + white base & bar
  • head high
    large eye
    short snout plates
    C: 3 bars of spots
    Prionotus horrens, Bristly searobin
    pectoral 13, short, edge convex, black + clear blotch
    A: 9
    flank: scales smooth
  • large head
    steep front profile
    D1: outer 3/4 dark
    C: black blotches, white edge
    Prionotus miles, Orange-throat gurnard, Galapagos gurnard, Galapagos searobin, Orange-throat searobin
    pectoral: long, black/ dark + black spots, + blue margin
  • head high
    large eye
    short snout plates
    C: 2-3 bars of spots
    Prionotus ruscarius, Common searobin, Rough searobin
    pectoral short & angular, center translucent, edges black
    A: 10-11
    flank: scales rough
  • mouth long
    D: black outer spot
    C & D2: spotted
    Prionotus stephanophrys, Blackfin searobin, Lumptail searobin
    preopercular crest: 1 rear spine
    pectoral: free rays short, fin long, black
  • snout long, flat
    D: 1st spine serrated, 2 dark stripes
    C: 3 dark bars
    Prionotus teaguei, Long-ray searobin
    preopercular crest: rear serrated
    pectoral: dark, fin & top free ray (barred) very long