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The meteorological station at the Parque Natural Metropolitano Canopy Crane (8°59' 41.55'' N, 79°32' 35.22'' W) was established on Jan. 1995. Parque Natural Metropolitano (PNM) comprises an area of 270 ha and is the only natural, undisturbed park in tropical Latin America located adjacent to a capital city. The area now protected by the PNM underwent substantial ecological modification beginning in pre-Colombian times, but has remained largely undisturbed for the last 80 years during which time it has reverted from abandoned pasture to secondary dry, deciduous, lowland forest.

The upper canopy is 25-35 m high with emergent trees reaching 40m. The PNM receives an average of 1850 mm of rain per year. The meteorological year is divided into two parts: a pronounced dry season (approximately from mid-December to the end of April), and a wet season (May to mid-December).

On average, only 140 mm of rain falls during the dry season. In addition, relative humidity, solar radiation, wind speed and direction all show marked wet/dry season differences. On the other hand, temperature varies relatively little throughout the year. Data are collected from a fully automated meteorological station attached to the Canopy Crane at an elevation of 25m from the forest floor.

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For detailed information on the station and the parameters collected, please download the file Metpark_crane.pdf


Sensor manuals in .pdf format are available for download here.

ParametersSensor ModelTypeFileMethod
RainfallCAMPBELL SCI. TB4tb4.pdf
Temperature & RHCAMPBELL SCI. CS215Electronic cs215.pdfMethods_Electronic_Air_Humidity.pdf
Solar RadiationLICOR LI200X PYRANOMETERElectronicli200x.pdfMethods_Electronic_Solar_Radiation.pdf
Wind Speed & DirectionYOUNG WIND MONITOR AQElectronicYoung 05103 Wind Monitor.pdfMethods_Electronic_Wind_Speed_Dir.pdf
237Leaf Wetness237.pdf

Data Download
Air Temperature (25m)
(max, min, average)
15 Min
Rain (Crane Top)
15 Min
Relative Humidity (25m)
(max, min, average)
15 Min
Solar Radiation Flux (25 m)
(max, min, average)
15 Min
Solar Radiation Flux (Crane Top)
(max, min, average)
15 Min