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Heterosiphonia crispella var. laxa

(Børgesen) MJ Wynne 1985a: 87


Thallus: spongy, forming fluffy clumps, to 0.5-1.5(-6) cm high, pink; branching dichotomous to irregular. Branches 80-110(-170) µm diam., of four pericentral cells; cells in lower portions 35-140 µm diam., 70-300 µm long; not corticated. Branchlets 0.9-1.3 mm long, deciduous, slightly incurved, on every other segment, unbranched initially, then basal single cell initiates 2-4(-6) times forked branchlet, initial unbranched limb often fades away; basal segment multiseriate, uniseriate above; apices tapered, to 12.5 µm diam. Rhizoids basal or forming where branches meet substrate. Tetrasporangial stichidia terminal on branchlets, oval with tapering apex, 110-120 µm diam., 170-250(-400) µm long; tetrasporangia spherical, 25-40 µm diam. Spermatangial stichidia to 60 µm diam., to 200 µm long.


Common: inconspicuous, epiphytic on other algae or creeping on stones, shell fragments or mangrove peat, in protected locations; to 10 m deep.


Pacific Panama, Pacific Colombia - New record for Panama

Type Information:

Type locality: St. Croix, Virgin Islands


Major Group: Rhodophyta - Class: Florideophyceae - Order: Ceramiales - Family: Dasyaceae