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Catalog of the Vascular Plants of Panama

The Catalog of the Vascular Plants of Panama, a volume of 600 pages and authored by STRI staff scientist Mireya Correa with Carmen Galdames and María Stapf, members of the Herbarium staff, was published in 2004. The new volume adds more than 4,000 additional species to the first edition of the Flora of Panama published more than 25 years ago by the Missouri Botanical Garden in 41 volumes.

The Flora of Panama (1943-1980) included about 5,000 species. The catalog is the result of 15 years of work and compiles native and some introduced and naturalized species. It includes 8582 species of seed-plants and 938 species of ferns and related taxa for a total of 9520 species of vascular plants. For each species, this catalogue gives the currently valid name, its growth form, its altitudinal range within Panama, the provinces of Panama where it has been found, its synonyms (subsequent names given to the same species), and a suitable bibliographic reference.

This catalogue also lists 391 species reported erroneously (thanks to misidentification) by the Flora of Panama as occurring there, which in fact do not; each species with an explanation supported by a bibliographic reference. It points out 1144 endemics, 380 introduced plants, 2631 synonyms and 55 expected species.

This catalogue is based on several sources: the Flora of Panama (1943-1980), William G. D’Arcy's Index and Checklist to the Flora of Panama Part I and Part II (1987), voucher specimens collected in Panama and identified by relevant specialists, and a review of more than 700 publications after 1987 that describe new species, assign known species to different genera, or show that a species name refers to a species described earlier.

In the back page, the catalogue has a reduced version of Panama's vegetation map . The introduction contains antecedents of the publication, general characteristics of the country and 11 tables which synthesizes and analyzed the volume contents.