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Genus: Syngnathus, Seaweed Pipefish, Pipefishes

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no ridges side of snout or top operculum
D 26-49
no skin flaps
C 10
pectoral 10-17
lower body & tail ridges joined
A 2-4
brood pouch under tail



Snout length variable; ridge along top of snout and head low, no ridges along side of snout; ridge along upper operculum ridge complete in juveniles, lacking or incomplete and low in adults; dorsal fin 26-49, fin low, its origin on trunk; anal fin 2-4; pectoral fin 10-17; no pelvic fins; tail fin typically 10; ridge along side of body ends at level near anus; upper ridge of body discontinuous with that of tail just behind dorsal fin; ridges along bottom of body and tail joined; body ridges not elevated; trunk rings 14-24, tail rings ~ 28-50; no skin flaps; male brood pouch under tail, its plates curled in and up.

Mediterranean, E and W Atlantic, E and NW Pacific; most species are temperate; about 35 species; 10 in the Greater Caribbean (4 endemics, 5 NW Atlantic and 1 W Atlantic).