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Genus: Membras, Rough Silverside, Silversides

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snout: 4 large quadrangular sensory pits
D1 V-VI, origin before/after A orgin
pelvic axillary scale > 1/3 fin length



Slender, elongate, compressed; snout longer than eye, top with 4 quadrangular pits; top jaw strongly extendible, front one with rear end greatly expanded, without expanded bony process above its center; teeth well developed, in bands; first dorsal V-VI, origin before or behind origin of anal; pectorals inserted high on body, above mid-level of eye; pelvics inserted nearer anal origin than top corner of pectoral base; anus well before anal fin (¼ distance between anal and pelvics), but behind tips of pelvics; dorsal fin scaleless; base of pelvic fin with a large scale that is >1/3 fin length.

A neotropical genus with 6 species; 3 endemics and 1 NW Atlantic species in our region.