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Genus: Melanorhinus, Querimana Silverside, Silversides

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body deep
forehead profile convex
D1 VI-IX, orgin before A origin



Body relatively deep, strongly compressed; head short, with convex upper profile; mouth short, top jaw extendible, premaxilla with rear end greatly expanded, without expanded bony process above its center; 1st dorsal with VI-IX spines, origin well in front of anal origin, nearly over tip of pectoral; 2nd dorsal with 15-17 rays; pectorals inserted high on body, above mid-level of eye; pelvic origin much nearer pectoral base than anal fin; scales smooth, with rings on exposed centers, heavy, strongly sticking to skin; large scales at insertions of pectorals and pelvics; dorsal and anal fins with well developed 1-scale-wide sheaths; no silver stripe along flank.

A neotropical genus with 3 species; on endemic species in the Greater Caribbean.