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Genus: Atherinella, Common Silverside, Silversides

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snout with pits & tubes (no quadrangular depressions)
D1 II-IV, origin after A origin
flank with silver stripe



Belly strongly compressed, keel-like; top of head profile ~ straight; eye moderate (~ snout length); sensory system on snout with pits and tubes, without 4 large quadrangular depressions; top jaw extendible, premaxilla with rear end greatly expanded, without expanded bony process above its center; 1st dorsal with II-IV spines, origin over or behind origin of anal fin, D2 I,12 or fewer soft rays; pectoral fins long (1.5x head length), inserted high on body, above mid-level of eye; 2 rows of scales under eye; a large scale at side of pelvic fin base; scales rough; anus just before anal origin; anal fin with or without scaly sheath; very evident silver stripe along flank.

A neotropical (and subtropical) genus with 36 species (many freshwater); with 9 endemic and 1 W Atlantic species in our region.