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Genus: Zalieutes, Batfishes, Tricorn Batfish

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snout - 3 cones
no subopercular spine
pectoral separate from tail
underside - 2 rows cones + dense prickles



Head depressed, not elevated above disc; disc rounded to triangular; mouth small; short fishing pole in small cavity overhung by a cone-shaped rostrum that points straight ahead, with an equal-sized cone flaring out on each side ( juveniles with a short horn), its lure triangular, without lobes; gill rakers modified to long thin plates covered with teeth; no large spine at lower rear corner of operculum; gill openings small, behind upper base of pectoral fin; dorsal and anal fins small, at rear of body; pectoral arm-like, well separated from body; tail long; body covered with small and large tubercles, underside of tail covered with prickles and two rows of cones.

This neotropical genus contains two species. One endemic occurs in the Greater Caribbean.