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Genus: Antennatus, Frogfishes

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fish pole smooth, lure tiny/absent
2nd D spine not connected to head by membrane
D&A connected to C
only 1 pelvic ray branched



Body globular, somewhat compressed;  first dorsal spine "fishing pole" without spines,  fish lure tiny to absent; 2nd dorsal spine free, not connected to head by membrane;  third dorsal spine movable or immovable; a very large, upward directed mouth;  limb-like pectoral fins with an "elbow" joint, that fin broadly connected to body; a small round gill opening, below and behind pectoral base; tail base absent, rear margins of dorsal and anal fins join body at base of tail fin; pelvic fins short, with only 1 of 5 rays branched;   tail fin with some rays branched; skin of body thick, rough, densely covered with short, close-set, spicules.

This Pantropical genus contains 12 species; 3 species in the TEP and 1 in the Greater Caribbean.