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Genus: Antennarius, Frogfishes, Warty Frogfish

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skin rough
pectoral broadly connected to body
pelvic: 1 of 5 rays branched
19 vertebrae
pelvics short



A globular somewhat compressed body; head not spiny; eyes on sides of head; a very large, upward directed mouth with many small teeth; fishing pole with distinct lure, any spicules are at base or along front margin; 3rd dorsal spine movable, not bound down by skin; a small round gill opening, below and behind pectoral base; limb-like pectoral fins with an "elbow" joint, that fin broadly connected to body; tail base present, dorsal and anal fins not connected to tail fin; pelvic fins short, with 4 unbranched and 1 branched rays; number of vertebrae19; skin of body rough, covered with close-set, double-pointed spicules.

A cosmopolitan tropical genus of 11 species; 3 species in the Greater Caribbean, and 1 in the TEP