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Genus: Mustelus, Smoothhound Shark, Smoothhound Sharks

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eyes oval
D1 slightly > D2, origin over pectoral inner margin
D2 origin before A origin
teeth in pavement, form knob at union lower jaws
last gill slit behind pectoral origin
C lower lobe weak



Elongate, slender body; snout angular, pointed; eyes horizontal ovals, with ventral nictitating membranes; strong ridges under eyes; mouth angular, sides ~ straight; teeth small, with weak/no point, in a pavement, form a knob at union of lower jaws; 5 gill slits, last 2 over pectoral fin base; 2 large dorsal fins, second equal to or slightly smaller than first, base of first dorsal behind pectoral, but before pelvics; anal fin smaller than and with origin under middle of second dorsal; tail strongly asymmetrical, lower lobe small or absent in adults.

A worldwide temperate to tropical genus of 22 described species. Five members of the genus occur in our region.