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Genus: Porichthys, Midshipman Toadfish, Midshipmans

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operculum II spines
canine teeth
glands: inside upper pectoral rays
no pore after pectoral base
no scales
4 LLs, with light organs



Body compressed, elongate; head a little flattened above, no tentacles; one strong solid spine on opercle, no subopercular spines; teeth like canines; gill openings restricted to side, before pectoral fin base; first dorsal fin 2 solid spines, separate from second (soft) dorsal fin; dorsal and anal fins joined to tail fin in some species; discrete glands on inner surface of pectoral between upper fin rays; no pore behind base of pectoral; 4 lateral lines, with light organs; no scales.

A genus, with 14 species, occurs on both side of the Atlantic, eastern Indian Ocean and our region; 3 species, 1 endemic and 2 from the W Atlantic are found in our region.