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Genus: Calamopteryx, Brotula, Brotulas

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head - papillae
head scaled
C joined to A & D
opercular spine flat
preopercular spine curves forward



Elongate; head depressed, pointed; no spines on snout; head with papillae, and sometimes with raised flaps; front nostril tubular, immediately above the top lip, rear nostril a circular hole; teeth on center and sides of roof of mouth; opercular spine flattened and flap-like; lower edge of preopercle with curved, forward- pointing spine; no central tooth patch at bottom of gill arches, paired patches at bases of gill arches 3-5; pectoral fin at end of elongate stalk; each pelvic fin is a thread, inserted under throat; tail fin joined to dorsal and anal fins; 0-multiple rows of small papillae along side of belly; scales on body and much of head; male with fleshy pad and hooded penis immediately behind anus.

A neotropical genus with 3 species; 2 endemics in the Greater Caribbean.