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Genus: Otophidium, Cusk-eel, Cusk-eels

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snout spine: blunt, points obliquely up
head scaleless
pelvic = 2 unequal threads under eye
scales small, elongate, oblique pattern



Body relatively short, compressed, tapering to rear; eye large; snout with a compressed blunt spine that points obliquely up and forwards; front nostril halfway between top lip and rear nostril; opercle with sharp, partly hidden spine; mouth large, under slightly overhanging snout; dorsal fin 97-117; anal fin 84-102; tail fin 9; pelvic fin with 2 unequal rays, inserted under eye; tail fin continuous with dorsal and anal; lateral line incomplete; scales small, elongated, arranged in basket weave pattern, none on head.

The genus, with 4 species, is restricted to the neotropics. Two west Atlantic species and one endemic occur in the Greater Caribbean.