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Genus: Synodus, Lizardfishes, Sharpnose Lizardfish

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pelvic 8, inner rays > outer
A 8-14
C: short rays at base - no scales



Body slender, cylindrical; head pointed, snout longer than eye; mouth large, slightly oblique, at front; many rows of fine pointed teeth on jaws, tongue and (in 1 band) on side of roof of mouth; fins without spines; one dorsal fin in midbody, with a small skin-flap fin behind it above anal fin; anal fin 8-14 rays, its origin nearer base of tail fin than to the insertion of the pectoral; pelvics on abdomen behind pectoral base, inserted before dorsal fin, with 8 rays, inner rays distinctly longer than outer rays; scales smooth; lateral line straight, along entire body; no scales on short rays on top and bottom of fin base.

This pantropical genus contains 37 species. Seven species are found in the Greater Caribbean, 5 W Atlantic and 2 trans-Atlantic.