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Family: CYCLOPSETTIDAE, Sand Whiffs

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eyes on left side
LL straight, no branch under eye
pelvics asymmetrical, base of one on body midline
C 10-12 branched rays



Flounders with eyes on the left side; border of the preoperculum free, not obscured by skin or scales; dorsal and anal fins not joined to tail fin; pectoral fin on both sides of body, with branched rays; pelvic fin on both sides, (5-6 rays), bases short, asymmetrical with base of one pelvic fin on body midline; urinary papilla on blind side; lateral line very evident on both sides of body, straight, without a branch under lower eye; branched caudal rays 11 (10-12) Cyclopsettids often are sexually dimorphic in the length of their dorsal and pectoral fins.

There are 4 genera and 21 species in the Greater Caribbean, with 5 genera and 33 species in the Atlantic and East Pacific.