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Genus: Bythites, Brotulas

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pectoral base short
C well developed, broadly joins D&A
palate toothed
spine - opercle yes, preopercle no
pelvic - 1 ray
head no scales



Body short; snout blunt, longer than eye diameter; mouth opens at front, upper jaw ends well behind eye, sides of roof of mouth with teeth; 1st gill arch with 0-3 developed gill rakers; opercular spine strong; preopercle without sharp spines; pectoral fin 22-37, with short stalk; pelvic fin with 1 elongate ray; caudal fin well developed, broadly joined to dorsal and anal fins; body, but not head, with scales; male with a stalked sex organ.

A north Atlantic and southwest Pacific genus with four species, one northwest Atlantic species in our area.