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Genus: Birdsongichthys, Gobies, Straightfinned Goby

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D VII + I,9
Body: 3 rows yellow spots
body side: rough scales
snout sloped, not blunt
pelvics separate, long
A I,8
C base: 2 large rough scales



Head profile sloped; eyes large; front nostrils open in tubes, rear nostrils are holes; no head pores; dorsal fin VII + I, 9; anal fin I, 8-9; pelvic fins I, 5, all rays unbranched, no rays with flattened fleshy tips, fins completely separate, fins long, extend to middle or end of anal fin; tail fin blunt to slightly concave,17 segmented rays; head and nape scaleless; body scaled from above pectoral back, 22-23 rough scales in lateral series, 1-2 large, very rough scales on tail fin base; no lateral line; body with three series of bright yellow spots, along dorsal and ventral midlines and along mid-flank.

A genus with one species, endemic to the Greater Caribbean.