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Genus: Anoptoplacus, Jawfishes, Pygmy Jawfish

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LL ends under D spines I-III
jaw teeth: 1 row, straight, slender
top jaw end: straight
C 14 segmented rays, central 10 branched
C oval, ~head





Elongate, compressed, tapering body; large bulbous head; front nostril a simple tube, without a cirrus; eye large, high, bones and lower rear part of eye plate-like, open at sides; mouth terminal, large, extends well to rear of eye; rear of top jaw bone straight, without notch or hook on underside at rear; jaws with a single row of straight, slender teeth; fin spines flexible; dorsal and anal fins with long bases; dorsal X-XI, 11, soft rays distinctly elongate; anal I, 9; pelvic fins I, 5, outer 2 rays stout and unbranched, inner 3 rays weaker and branched, fin base before the pectoral; tail oval, a little shorter than head, segmented rays 14, central 10 branched; lateral line on front of body only, high, reaches under dorsal spines I-III; scales small, smooth, none on head, nape, pectoral base and belly, body with 20-23 longitudinal scale rows.

A Caribbean genus with one known species.