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Genus: Mayaheros, Maya-Hero Cichlids, Cichlids

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color pattern: strong, even bars
flank: no line of blotches
mouth short; lower jaw projecting
jaw teeth conical
bases soft D & A scaled



Moderate large; body oval; head large, bluntly pointed;1 pair of nostrils; mouth short, not reaching to under eye, top jaw highly protrusible, lower jaw projecting; jaw teeth conical, dorsal fin not notched between spines and rays, XV- XVII, soft fin as high as spiny part; anal fin V-VI, 8-11; pectoral short, not reaching to origin of anal fin, 11-15; tail fin bluntly straight; body scales large, rough; bases of soft dorsal and anal fins scaled; lateral line in 2 straight overlapping sections; color pattern of well developed evenly spaced bars, without a line of blotches along mid-flank, without a large, dominant botch on mid-flank.

A Mesoamerican genus with two species; one on the Caribbean side