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Genus: Cathorops, Sea Catfish, Sea Catfishes

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head shield rough at front, with narrow groove
roof mouth - 1 pair patches molar teeth
gill opening: side only, membrane below fused to throat



Top of head rough, covered with thin skin; a narrow groove along top of head (in Atlantic species), interrupted in some species; 2 pairs of close-set nostrils; no fleshy furrow between rear nostrils; 3 pairs of barbels (on chin and both jaws); roof of mouth with usually 1 pair of usually well separated patches of molariform teeth, tooth patches considerably larger in females; jaw teeth in several rows, front teeth smaller than back, which range from conical to molar-like; gill opening restricted to sides by adhesion of gill membranes to breast; gill rakers usually present on rear surfaces of first two gill arches; tail fin deeply forked; a complete lateral line, with branches to top and bottom base of tail fin, no scales.

This neotropical genus contains at least 13 species, with 1 W Atlantic species and 8 endemic species in the Greater Caribbean; plus one that has passed through the Panama Canal.