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Genus: Fontitrygon, Whiprays, Whiptail Stingray, Whiptail Stingrays

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disc oval/circular, corners rounded
tail base narrow, circular
mouth narrow
disc +/- central row thorns



Disc flattened, oval to ~circular; pectorals continuous with head; snout tip ranges from slightly extended to forming a long narrow point; eyes and spiracles on top of head, mouth and gill openings underneath; floor of mouth with 3-5 fleshy papillae; jaws with small blunt or pointed teeth in many series, forming bands; nostrils with a large fringed curtain between them and the mouth; no dorsal fins or tail fin; disc with thorns on nape; tail slender, narrow based, without large tubercles, with or without a central row of thorns before sting, with one or more large, serrate, venomous spines on its upper surface; fold of skin along underside of tail narrow, length variable; pelvic fins small, except in the species found in the Greater Caribbean.

An Atlantic genus with 6 species; one in the Greater Caribbean