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Genus: Chiloscyllium, Shark-bamboo, Bamboo Sharks, Bamboo Shark

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eyes & crests above them not high
nostrils well behind snout tip
mouth closer to eyes than snout tip



Body cylindrical or moderately depressed, tail base cylindrical and somewhat longer than head and trunk; lateral ridges on sides of trunk and tail present/absent; head cylindrical or moderately depressed; 5 small gill slits, last 3 over the pectoral-fin base; spiracles very large, behind and below eyes; nostrils distinctly behind tip of snout, with barbels & grooves, close in front of mouth; eyes high on sides of head, eyes and ridges above them only slightly elevated; snout moderately long, mouth closer to eyes than to snout tip, mouth small, nearly transverse, and well in front of eyes; lip furrows on both jaws, large, upper furrows extending in front of mouth; teeth similar in both jaws, small, not blade-like, a single cusp and with cusplets small or absent;  two dorsal fins, similar size & shape, without spines, the first moderate sized, origin over or behind the pelvic-fin bases; anal fin moderately large, very low, broad and rounded, origin well behind the 2nd dorsal-fin base, base separated by a small notch from tail fin; tail fin strongly asymmetrical, << 1/2 TL, without lower lobe, with a strong subterminal notch: no black hood on head or large dark spot or spots on sides of body above pectoral fins.

Indo-Pacific with 9 species; one introduced to southeast Florida.