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Genus: Torpedo, Torpedo Ray, Torpedo Rays

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disc ~circular, front ~straight
eyes tiny
snout short
D1 > D2
spiracles + papillae
C triangular



Disc circular, smooth, broad, front ~straight, thick at front and center, relatively soft & fleshy, thinner on and behind sides; snout very short; eyes very small; spiracles very small, with knobs or papillae around edges; two large, kidney shaped electric organs on sides of head; mouth moderate sized, with longitudinal grooves at sides, lips not cartilaginous and tubular; pectorals very thick at edges; tail thick, blending into trunk, shorter than disc; two dorsal fins, first larger; tail fin large, triangular; skin smooth and spineless; top of body often colorful; live in shallow to deep water.

An Atlantic, Indian Ocean and E Pacific genus with 10 species; one endemic in our area.