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Genus: Squaliolus, Pygmy Shark, Pygmy Sharks

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snout long, bulbous, conical
D1 with spine, D2 without
D2 base = 2X D1 base
D1 origin over rear tip pectoral
dark, fin edges light
top teeth slender daggers, bottom teeth oblique blades
no A



Spindle-shaped; head cylindrical, snout very long, bulbously conical, slightly pointed; anterior nasal flaps very short, not expanded into barbels; gill openings very small, wide; lips thin, top lip with or without paired lateral papillae; teeth very different in upper and lower jaws; top teeth small, with a single narrow, acute, erect cusp, lowers much larger, bladelike, with a high, moderately broad, nearly erect cusp and blade at side, 21-23 above, 16-21 below; flank denticles without rear points, with flat, depressed crowns; 1st dorsal fin with a spine (may be covered with skin), origin over inner margin or free rear tip of pectoral fin; 2nd dorsal without a spine, much larger than 1st dorsal, base about twice as long as 1st base, origin over front ½ of pelvic base; pectoral fins with short, narrowly rounded free rear tips; cloaca not expanded as a luminous gland; no precaudal pits or midventral keels, but with low lateral keels on caudal peduncle; tail fin almost symmetrical, paddle–shaped, with a short upper and long lower lobe and a strong subterminal notch; blackish to blackish–brown with conspicuously light–margined fins.

A genus with 2 species; a circumglobal species in the Greater Caribbean.