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Genus: Scatophagus, Spotted Butterfish, Spotted Scat, Spotted Scats

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body quadrangular, v compressed
head profile steep
D: 1st spine points forwards, deep notch after spines
mouth small, horizontal, not projectable



Body quadrangular, strongly compressed; upper head profile steep; eye large, a little smaller than snout; snout rounded; mouth small, horizontal, not protractile; teeth simple, conical, in several rows on jaws; gill membrane forms a free fold across isthmus of throat under gills; dorsal fin XI, 16-18, 1st spine points forwards, a deep notch between spines and soft rays; anal fin IV, 13-16; rear edges of dorsal and anal fins ~vertical; tail fin rounded, truncate; pectoral fins 16-17; pelvic fins I, 5; head, body, caudal fin, and soft parts of anal and dorsal fins covered with small ctenoid scales; body greenish or silvery with black spots or bars; sometimes juveniles and adults with different color patterns.

Indo-west Pacific, two species.