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Genus: Pseudotriakis, False Cat Shark, False Cat Sharks

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body and fins soft, flabby
large spiracle
D very long base, low
long angular mouth
many small teeth
teeth similar on both jaws



Head narrow & rounded; snout elongate, rounded, bell-shaped; a deep groove before elongated, slit-like eyes; spiracles very large; front nasal flaps broadly angular; mouth long, angular, arched, extends past eyes; lip furrows very short; teeth small, with acute narrow points & 1 pair of side cusplets, not bladelike, similar in both jaws, rear teeth comblike; many tooth rows (upper 96 - 294, lower 108 – 335); pectoral fins rounded; 1st dorsal fin long and low, spans most of distance between pectorals and pelvics; no pits on tail origin; tail fin with ventral lobe weak to absent; no undulations on upper edge of tail fin.

A genus with a single species.