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Genus: Pseudoraja, False Skate, Softnose Skate

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disc heart shaped
snout short, flexible, round + conical tip
no Ds
pelvics = 1 wing-like, rounded lobe



Disc heart-shaped, wider than long, its front edge slightly undulating; snout short (before eyes 8-9% of TL), rounded, with a narrow conical process at tip; nasal curtain with separate oronasal pits just behind nostrils; pectoral fins extend nearly to snout tip; pelvic fins consist of a single large lobe, greatly expanded laterally, wing-like, with rounded tips, its rear edge perpendicular to body axis; tail moderately slender, > disc; no dorsal fins; tail fin with well developed top and bottom lobes separated by a small notch at tail tip; upper surface ~uniformly covered with denticles; thorns: moderate sized, around eyes, on nape and shoulders, along midline from nape to dorsal tail fin lobe; central row of thorns on tail with another row on each side; lower surface smooth; pores on top of disc dark.

One species, endemic to the Greater Caribbean.