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Genus: Protammodytes, Sand Lances, Sandlance

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very elongate
long, pointed snout
D long 36-45; A short 16-17, under rear of D
lower jaw projecting
pelvics I,5 > 5.9% SL



Body elongate, compressed, but relatively short and stocky for the family; head pointed, snout long; mouth small, opens at front, top jaw protractile; a projecting lower jaw; no teeth; a single low, very long-based dorsal fin, 36-45 rays; anal fin short based, under rear of dorsal fin, 16-17 rays; dorsal and anal fins without spines; pelvic fins present, small, >5.9% SL, I small, 5; tail forked; lateral line very high on the sides; minute smooth scales not arranged in oblique rows, <95 on lateral line; lateral line simple, without branches or accessory projections above it.

A genus in both the Atlantic and Pacific, with 3 species, one known only from the Greater Caribbean