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Genus: Poecilopsetta, Righteye Flounder, Bigeye-flounders, Bigeye-flounders, Deepwater Dabs, Bigeye Flounders

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eyes right side, large, close-set
LL high arch over pectoral, branch under eye
LL rudimentary/absent on blind side
preopercle edge obvious
mouth small
pelvics separate, symmetric
pectorals both sides



Small flatfishes; body oval, strongly compressed; head small; snout much shorter than eye, notched; eyes on right side, large, nearly equal in position, without tentacles, separated by a  narrow ridge; mouth asymmetrical, short, ends under front of pupil;  nostrils paired, on each side of head;  teeth small, slender, difficult to see, on both jaws; preopercular margin free, not covered with skin and scales; gill rakers stout, short, pointed at tips, not serrated; fins without spines, dorsal- and anal-fin rays simple; no elongation of dorsal- or pelvic-fin rays; dorsal fin origin over pupil of upper eye; pectorals present on both sides;  pelvic fins with 6 unbranched rays, short based, not joined to anal fin; anus on mid-ventral line; genital papilla on right side of body, slightly above anus; lateral line well developed on ocular side, with strong curve above pectoral fin, no branch to head, rudimentary or absent on blind side; scales moderately small, easily shed, rough on ocular side, smooth on blind side.

A tropical to subtropical genus in all three oceans; 11 species, 2 in the Greater Caribbean.