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Genus: Neoraja, Pigmy Rays, Pygmy Skate

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disc heart-shaped, front edges undulating
snout short, round, tip flexible, pectorals almost to tip
top disc & tail: dense fine denticles
nasal curtain with pits in corners
front pelvic lobe > 80% rear lobe



Skates of pygmy size (to 35 cm); disc ~heart-shaped to ~circular, with anterior margins strongly undulating in mature males, outer edges broadly rounded; snout short, rounded to bluntly angled, soft & flexible, usually 8-10% TL, with small triangular process at tip; eyes relatively large (>/= distance between them); nasal curtain in front of mouth with a pair of pits at front corners; tail ~55-60% TL, base moderately slender, tapering at end; pelvic fin with 2 distinct lobes joined by membrane, front lobe relatively long; upper surface of disc and tail densely covered in fine denticles; underside of tail at least edged with, or totally covered with denticles; thorns around eyes, on nape and shoulders and along center of disc; tail with 1-3 rows of thorns, central row very short or, if continuing to rear, thorns dwindle in size rearward and totally disappearing among dense denticles on rear 1/3 of tail, well before 1st dorsal fin.

Mainly Atlantic, 1 species entering SW Indian Ocean; 5 species; one species at the northern fringe of the Greater Caribbean.