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Genus: Mixomyrophis, Mosaic Worm-eel, Worm-eel

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body depth 2.2% TL; tail 63% TL
front nostril tubular; eye small
snout conical, overhanging, not grooved
D origin mid-body
tail tip flexible; C visible, joins D&A
rear nostril before eye, in top lip, with flap
teeth small, conical, single rows
pectoral minute, visible



Body moderately elongate (depth 2.2% TL), compressed; tail 63% TL, tip flexible; eye large, over rear ½ of mouth; snout ~conical, broad from above, not grooved below, slightly overhanging; front nostril tubular, rear nostril on outer edge of lip, covered by a flap;  lips without barbels; teeth small, conical, close set, in a single row on both jaws and vomer; gill opening a small crescent on midside; dorsal fin origin at mid-trunk; dorsal, anal and tail fins relatively high, tail fin confluent with dorsal and anal fins, rays visible; pectoral fin minute, but visible.

A West Atlantic genus with one species.