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Genus: Malacoraja, Smooth Skate, Smooth Skates

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disc heart-shaped, front edges ~straight
snout pointed, tip firm
pectorals end before snout tip
tail ~1/2 TL
no thorns on rear 1/3 tail



Disc broadly heart-shaped; snout pointed, moderately long, tip firm; pectorals separate from snout tip; anterior disc margins straight (mature males weakly undulated); nasal curtain in front of mouth without a pair of pits at front corners; pelvic fins with two lobes; tail length 50-<60% TL; upper disc densely covered in velvet-like denticles, those coarser on tail; underside of tail at least edged with, or totally covered with denticles; central row of thorns on tail dwindling in size rearward and disappearing among dense denticles on rear 1/3, well before first dorsal fin.

An Atlantic genus with 4 species; one on the northeast fringe of the Greater Caribbean.